Tempora Mutantur, ALCÍM: A Másik Oldal
Mit is jelent Magyarországon a másik oldal, annak a szerepe az életünkben, és vajon észrevesszük-e, hogy újra és újra hasonló történéseket élünk meg? Pedig az idők változnak és velük mi is változunk.
A könyv 69 plusz év kor és életrajza, amelyben a megelőző 300 év során ismétlődő magyar sorskérdés fonódik össze az eseményekkel tízéves ciklusokra bontva a 69+ évet, amelyet az író a helyhez megfelelően a huszadik – huszonegyedik századi magyar sorsban osztozva élt meg a hétköznapokkal, bennük a történelmi fordulatokkal. Gondolatok, novellák, kisregény, versek egészítik ki a történéseket.
Olvasni lehet az Élő Nyelvek Szemináriumának, Magyarország legrégebben működő nyelviskolájának a történetéről is, ahogyan a környezethez, és az időkhöz igazodik, 2024 tanévben már 75 éve. Egyben az arra érdeklődőknek információt ad a magyar nyelviskolai iparág elmúlt évtizedeiről.
Riport  a Másik Oldal című könyv írójával  / Az Év Tanára 2024, Életműdíj /: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E37EFzavGcY

So, this is Europe in 2023

So, this is Europe by this year,
having fought for thousands of years,
to get power and rich and tears,
philosophy, knowledge and science,
all efforts overcome now by nonsense,
we created for ourselves the US,
received in turn foreign influence,       
last century new nations and world wars,
rendered meaningless and an end to all,
thousands of years of culture and religion,
ex officio betrayed easily no coy,
a friend compelled to run exit,
freakily forgetting about her merit,
listen to it from Bach to Liszt,
our culture of music is unique,
teaching the world new things,
understanding what man needs,
now dismantling the rights in the EU
was no dream of our founding kin,
again, many are to lose hope,
new artificial thoughts and war,
rejected, no god to believe in,
fine lands and towns with inns,
good food and entertainment,
a haughty speared Parliament,
for members that nobody voted,
their art of doing things wrongly,
in the name of democracy,
hushed away corruption in the stalls,
that will change the common goals,
now finding ways to avoid the voter,
blackleg weak characters win the poll,
representing ideas of own,
or unrepresentable downer,
sacrificing first come first served,
no nation only labour force,
new slaves are longed for,
servants of foreign strife,
‘an old doter in the bloom of heights’,
all those who push the common cart,

with the fate of Europe inside,
hope this crime is done in vain,
not risking all our lives in fail.

by Pál Győző Biró
/ Honour: Teacher of the Year 2024
Lifetime Achievement Award. /

„Echoes of Change”

In the tapestry of Europe, a tale unfolds,
Centuries woven, history retold.
Fought and bled for power and might,
Yet, shadows dance in the fading light.

Philosophy and science, once our guide,
Now drowned in a sea of foolish pride.
Nations rise, then crumble away,
Leaving echoes of a bygone day.

A symphony of cultures, rich and grand,
From distant shores to our native land.
But now, the notes are discordant, unclear,
Lost in the chaos of a shifting sphere.

A union formed, ideals entwined,
Yet cracks appear in the fabric, maligned.
Democracy’s dance, a paradoxical show,
A script rehearsed, but the actors don’t know.

Parliaments echo with voices unheard,
Representatives chosen, but by whom? Absurd.
Corruption lingers in the hallowed halls,
As the common goal, forgotten, falls.

From Bach’s melody to Liszt’s grandeur,
A cultural tapestry, once pure.
Yet, in the corridors of power, a disconnect,
Leaving us wondering, what did we expect?

An exit sought, a friend estranged,
In the midst of change, values exchanged.
In the heart of Europe, a soul adrift,
Caught in the currents of a political rift.

But let not despair be the final chord,
For in every struggle, new tales are stored.
The echo of change, a call to revive,
To ensure the essence of Europe will survive.

written by Pál Győző Biró and AI