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ENGLISH 1 – 6 kötet, English Users’ Grammar for B1, B2-C1 levels, Szókincsbővítő, Megoldások könyve 1 – 6.
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Tempora Mutantur, SUBTITLE: The Other Side

What does the other side mean in Hungary, its role in our lives, and do we notice that we experience similar events again and again? However, times change and we change with them.
The age and biography of the 69-plus years depicted in the book, in which the question of the Hungarian destiny repeated over the previous 300 years is interwoven with the events, dividing the 69+ years into ten-year cycles, which the writer lived by sharing the Hungarian fate of the twentieth – twenty-first centuries with the everyday, in them with the historical turns.Thoughts, short stories, short novels, movie story, poems complete the reading. You can also read about the history of the Seminary of Living Languages, Hungary’s oldest language school, how it adapts to the environment and the times, already 75 years in the 2024 school year. Report is available in Hungarian with the author of the book The Other Side / Teacher of the Year 2024, Lifetime Achievement Award winner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E37EFzavGcY

We present our short story here „Adventure Venture” in seven parts.


After a young venturing fortune hunter is abducted along with VIP members from a nightclub in Africa, his life takes a turn for real adventure and he fights for his life and that of a beauty through jungle and on ocean.

Chapter 1-2

Chapter 3-4

Chapter 5-6

Chapter 7-8

Chapter 9-10

Chapter 11-12

Chapter 13-14