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English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian

Élő Nyelvek Szemináriuma / Living Languages Seminar has been in business since 1949. We offer English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian language courses for companies and individuals. Our native teachers and qualified local teachers guarantee high level in communication focused tuition as well as in business corporate language training either in your company or in our centre in Budapest.

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Living Languages Seminar (ÉLŐ NYELVEK SZEMINÁRIUMA) was founded in 1949. It was the first language school to open in Budapest after the Second World War and for many years English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian languages could be learnt only in our school. We have three locations and our centre is at 1053. Budapest. Fejér György u. 8-10. This is where we conduct enrolment, examinations, though we also hold classes here.

We specialise in teaching foreign languages and during the past decades our school developed many practices which have also been introduced by other schools. Until the 1980s we had been the only independent (not state owned) enterprise in this field. Despite the current lively competition, we are sure we have remained in the forefront of language teaching in Budapest. Being the oldest institution of its kind here, we are, naturally, well prepared to teach these languages. We are experienced and have extensive subject matter, which is constantly monitored and refreshed.

Our accreditation in five languages as an examination place recognized by the state and our highly qualified staff mean guarantee for students in their studies and preparation for the different examinations.

Further details:

  • Our institute has gained the title of Accredited Institute for quality and all our language programmes have been accredited and recognized by the appropriate state institutions.
  • Our school is an examination centre accredited and recognized by the state.
  • In 2000 we became a state accredited language examination place of the locally most well-known ELTE-Origó examinations in five languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish.
  • We introduced and spread (Pitman) examinations owned by City and Guilds in Hungary (1990) on five levels and Business English examinations on three levels.
  • Since after Covid we have had a wide range of ONLINE courses. Online courses seem to be popular.
  • We prepare students for ELTE-Origó, Cambridge, TOEFL, BE exams, Zdf, ZMP, DELE, DELF, DALF examinations.
  • Courses: continuously functioning courses, summer-, intensive-, in company – courses, and one to one. Annually thousands of students, hundreds of classes weekly. We limit the number of students in a group: micro, mini, midi and standard groups. There are nine levels and special examination levels and skills courses available.
  • ENGLISH: Subject matter: own series of books in English – also considering learning problems of the Hungarians – in the form of six books and supplementary books. Own development and publication of Hungarian-English, English-Hungarian Dictionary.
  • We also use a wide choice of books published by OUP, CUP, Longman, etc.
  • We have foreign relations in England, USA, Australia, France, Italy, Spain: – universities, language schools, associate schools. We have been sending students abroad since 1989.
  • a TRANSLATIONS BUREAU is at your disposal in our centre.
  • Since 1970 we had special contacts with a leading grammar school on Buda side of the town and rent their premises to run classes and examinations there as well.
  • Early history of the school and 69 years memoir and age description written by Paul Győző Biró:
    Tempora Mutantur, A Másik Oldal – The Other Side:

Philosophy of the Living Language Seminar Language School

We strive to recruit teachers with specialists’ commitment. To teach our core skills lessons you need to have a qualification in English language training and ideally professional experience.
Our students are motivated and ambitious and they need to be challenged by teachers who will drive them to exceed their expectations. With our training we aim to develop awareness and pedagogy in areas normally neglected in English language training. Attention is paid to non-verbal aspects of communication such as body language, intonation and use of the voice.
Teachers are also trained to enhance and engage Critical thinking and use tools. Critical reading skills and logical reasoning are developed by showing our teachers how to use methods from mainstream education such as Socratic circles.
We appreciate if we can help the committed teacher to reach a highstandard of understanding our method. We encourage teachers to carry out action research in areas that interest them, be it Pronunciation, Interpersonal Skills, Intercultural competence etc. and there is the opportunity to achieve an internally validated practitioner activity. We believe in teachers who keep on developing their teaching skills and knowledge as time passes by.
We believe in teachers and students working together to attain a transformative educational experience. Consequently, we expect our teachers to be creative and eclectic when preparing lessons and to look outside of the normal materials that they might have encountered in their initial or former teacher training. The Living Language method is not prescriptive, following a narrow syllabus but rather a framework allowing teachers who enjoy being creative and autonomous to deliver the best learning experience for our students. Nevertheless it is imperative to understand the teaching material thoroughly and be familiar with the linguistic aims set by the subject matter, which makes it possibleto create and conduct living language situations.
As a consequence the students attain a good command of English using either simple sentences or very complex ones. In addition we strive to recruit teachers with specialist expertise and experience such as the tuition of the academic level of the language as well as in fields such as law, medicine, economics, marketing, etc. to coach our professional students.


Hungary, Budapest 1053. Fejér György u. 8.
PHONE: + 36209722744, +36204167500
Director:  Alexandra Biró
Paul Győző Biró

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